A week of Events for People Living with Learning Disabilities in Wirral

 26th Aug 2016

Wirral, a small town in northern England, has hosted an entire week of events dedicated to helping people living with learning disabilities.

The aptly-named ‘Learning Disability Week’ attracted many people from the surrounding borough including those with learning disabilities themselves as well as their family.

Taking place between 20-26th June, the event worked to help people develop new relationships and friendships – something which can often prove to be difficult for people living with many types of learning disabilities.

Organisers scheduled a number of events including ‘Crafternoon Tea’ and lunches where visitors were able to socialise with new people from around their area.

Wirral Mencap (one of the event organisers) also collaborated with a group called “Happy Times Activities” to create an open day event where attendees enjoyed a range of activities such as relaxation and yoga sessions.

‘Picnic in the Park’ was the final event and took place on 25th June over at Wallasey Central Park’s Walled Garden which provided a perfect ending to the week of events as visitors enjoyed delicious food whilst relaxing in the Summer air.

Learning Disability Week has helped unite people who typically struggle with social interaction to enjoy spending time with new people by providing them with a comfortable, non-threatening environment.

Around one third of those living with learning disabilities fail to spend as much as one hour on the weekend outside of their home – a clear sign of how social boundaries have severely affected the lives of many people.

Furthermore, surveys have found 44.6% of people who have learning disability feel they do not spend enough time with their friends.

Events such as these are a great way for people with learning disabilities to convene with one another, share stories and express their feelings.

This can help to instil confidence in people who are known to be reluctant to engage in social situations and find people who they may otherwise never have met without the help of these events.

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