5 tips for Reducing Stress at Work [INFOGRAPHIC]

 31st Aug 2016

There are many aspects of life which can cause a person to experience stress to varying degrees and work is just one example of these.

Whilst work-related stress can be perfectly normal in certain situations, instances of ongoing stress and depression should be regarded as a serious problem.

Failure to address stressful aspects of your working day can lead to more severe issues further down the line and can even have repercussions on one’s personal life.

These five tips can help you to reduce stress in the workplace and, ultimately, enjoy your job that much more.

  1. Follow a passion

Your job role itself can massively influence your level of contentment during and after the working day.

While getting your dream job is easier said than done, it is important to take steps towards securing employment which provides you with satisfaction as well as simply paying the bills.

Monetising a hobby such as art, sport, writing, or just about anything else is a great way to relieve much of the stress associated with work and something which is completely achievable with the right level of dedication.

Earning money from doing something you love can turn work from a laborious, unenjoyable chore into a real outlet for your passions.

  1. Overworking

Regardless of your occupation it’s vital to establish and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your career and dedicate considerable amount of hours to your job, however, time off is essential for everyone.

Make sure to take enough time off to catch up on your hobbies, meet with friends and family and simply relax. This will ensure you are not dominated by an overly work-focused schedule and will help to maintain a positive equilibrium.

‘Burnouts’ are common occurrences for people in the workplace (especially for those working in high level jobs) and are a manifestation of how overworking can affect a person’s happiness and enthusiasm throughout their life.

More than simply a way to reduce stress, taking time off will also help you to become more productive.

Higher productivity entails a number of benefits in terms of your own satisfaction at work and will also help in securing promotions and pay rises later in your career.

Stress in the workplace infographic

  1. Relationships with Colleagues

Spending time getting to know the people you work with is incredibly important for each and every one of us.

Doing so will make work life much more enjoyable as you become friends with your colleagues and this can lead to the development of relationships outside of work too.

By finding people with who share mutual interests with you, it will be easy to make conversation share stories and create new experiences in your personal life.

If you’re currently struggling with mental health issues (even if they’re not related to work), making friends in the workplace can provide you with new people to confide in when times are tough.

Discussing your struggles is a great way to get troubling thoughts off your chest and, while it may not be a definitive cure, it can certainly help to mitigate symptoms, instil renewed confidence in yourself and elevate your mood.

  1. Progression

A sense of progression is essential for staying motivated and focused at work.

If you feel like you’ve been forced into a dead end because of your current circumstances, looking for a new occupation with more opportunities to advance your career is a great way to stay motivated and excited about work.

Whatever your skillset, there will always be more opportunities’ out there for you to explore and, as is often the case, it can simply take the right job at the right company to actualise your real worth those around you and, most importantly, to yourself.

  1. Change

Too much time in any one place can cause you to experience cabin fever, but spending years on end in the same work environment can make it harder to concentrate and can cause you to simply dread going in.

If you can relate to this situation, maybe it’s time for a change.

Securing a new job within your existing company or looking for one at another business can be a great way to spice up your career and, who knows, you may even receive a pay rise because of it.

New jobs can help people to learn additional skills, take you to places previously unseen and meet new people all in the process.

For the vast majority of us, working a full time job is a necessity which requires us to spend 35 hours or more a week outside of the comfort of our home.

Taking steps to maximise your enjoyment at work will help to alleviate stress in your life and this will have profound effects on your mental wellbeing.

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