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 11th Dec 2014

As promised in my previous post I wanted to share my vision for Encompass (Dorset).

I have always enjoyed every aspect of my work and I have an absolute commitment to promoting and providing the best possible support we can.

I firmly believe in our approach based on the Human Givens Model which advocates that by meeting both our physical and emotional needs that we survive and thrive as unique individuals.  The Human Givens advocates that all human beings, irrespective of gender, disability, culture, religion or sexuality have the same range of basic needs although we vary considerably in the individual way we seek or are able to meet a particular need.

Our job as I see it, is to help people we support meet their needs, tailoring their support to take account of each person's uniqueness, learning and adapting, accepting the person for who they are and ensuring that they don't just 'survive' but they thrive and are happy and secure.  That's why a person centred approach is key when supporting people.

To do this we need to ensure that we have a well supported, trained and committed staff team, we need to work in an open and transparent way, be willing to change and adapt, to meet and exceed the expected standards and to take every opportunity to seek constructive feedback to improve the way in which we work.

I do not underestimate the difficulties we face both in the changes in expectations of the people who use our services, their advocates and commissioners and the current financial climate that we and every other provider face.  I believe that by working together we can move forward, whilst ensuring the stability, security and sustainability of Encompass and its services by:

  • Working with people and their advocates to identify the support they need to live the life they want
  • Working collaboratively with commissioners and other partners such as housing providers and our local community
  • Adapting and developing our current services where there is an identified need
  • Continuing to focus on personalised innovative services particularly in respect of supporting people in their own homes
  • The development of our domiciliary care arm with a focus on bespoke, consistent support
  • Enhancing and developing the existing skills of our teams to meet identified need
  • Continued development of our systems and processes to meet and exceed required standards
  • Making the most effective use of resources and financial income, whilst maintaining high quality environments and support

I welcome any suggestions, thoughts or comments about our services.  In terms of how we're doing, what we could do better or what you think we should be doing and if we get it wrong, tell us!

Finally why do I think this is the way forward?  The people we support have told us.  Who makes us what we are?  The people we support and the people who work for Encompass.

I would like to thank all the people who choose us to provide their support, for trusting us to support them in the way they want and to thank every staff member we employ for their continued support and commitment.  Each person has an equal, valued role, regardless of where and what they do, because each person's input matters.

Gillian Lacey. CEO.

Encompass Dorset
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