Four ISF's and a Funeral

 17th Aug 2017

Well this week saw Encompass Dorset embark on a long awaited journey. 

As many of you may be aware a number of our services are being transformed, moving away from registered care homes to smaller supported living schemes or as we see it, settled accommodation.  As part of this process we realised that if we wanted to offer the people we support improved living spaces with the security of tenure a tenancy offers we wanted to ensure they had greater control over their support.

As luck would have it Dorset Commissioners were also thinking along the same lines and asked providers to consider the idea of Individual Service Funds, (ISF).  True to one of our core values, Fearless In the Face of a Challenge, we stuck up our hand and signed up.

So what is an Individual Service Fund or ISF for short?  Here’s an explanation our Trainers prepared earlier…

ISF Postcard

Now when we do something we like to do it really well.  26 years of experience has taught us that if you’re going to do it, you do it right, you invest in the short term to gain for the longer term and by gain we are not just talking financially.  This is about ensuring the people we support get the very best support and care and most importantly get the life they want.

So this brings us back to the long awaited journey…

Tuesday saw members of senior management and head office department members join Helen Sanderson Associates, to commence an intensive learning programme regarding ISF’s.  We were not alone.  We were joined by partners from Dorset Advocacy, Rachel Mason, a freelance Personalisation Consultant who amongst many hats is also Dorset's Parent/Family representative for Dorset County Council, and a member of the team from Dorset CCG Commissioners. Together we looked at what is an ISF, how we all viewed success in two years’ time and agreed the bones of the communication strategy.

The day was the first step in what promises to be an intensive process that offers us the opportunity to really drill into what we do and how we do it and more to the point how we can do it better working alongside the people we support.   Michelle Livesley, our facilitator,  from Helen Sanderson Associate’s was brilliant at setting the pace, reading the room and ensuring all of us engaged in a positive way which also allowed us to share our frustrations and anxieties and what we could do to overcome these.

The journey promises to be as thrilling as the destination, the next step will see our home managers and team leaders join the process so watch this space for progress reports!

We're certainly aiming for more than four ISF's and for all those wondering about the funeral...



Well that’s obvious if you think about it:  Death to block contracts…

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