Care Quality Commission Launch Its New State Of Care Report

 4th Nov 2015

On 15th October 2015, the Care Quality Commission launched their new State of Care report which provides a yearly overview of health and adult social care in England.

This is an incredibly important report as it is used to identify both the strong and weaker areas in the country’s social care industries. As a regulator, CQC wishes to develop the services that are provided in England as well as improve the wellbeing of the many people who require support.

Recently, CQC have implemented a new ranking system which aims to provide a more accurate representation of how various social care organisations are performing. This follows a traditional three-tiered traffic light system, with an additional star reserved for the “Outstanding” rating.

The Results

Overall, it’s good news, with 80% of GP practices and 60% or adult social care services obtaining a “Good” or “Outstanding” rating with just 7% of acute, primary medical and adult social care services being allocated the rating of “Inadequate”.

The area which seems to require the most work is safety with over 10% of hospitals and a similar percentage of adult social care services failing in regards to the overall safety of the premises.

Furthermore, the CQC report highlighted that one of the largest influencers of an establishment’s overall success was the quality of its leaders and the structure of its workforce.

The Chief Executive of CQC, David Behan stated: “What is very clear is that isolated working and incremental changes are not going to be enough to meet the challenges ahead”.

Naturally, Encompass Dorset will be striving to achieve the high possible rating for all of our registered services in order to provide the best services possible as well as ensuring all of our service users are safe and comfortable amongst our staff.

We take our work very seriously and will endeavour to make any improvements where necessary and, similarly, continue to do the great work we already do.

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