Careers in the Care Sector

If you find that your current job isn’t providing you with an adequate sense of fulfilment, you may wish to think about a career in the care sector. If you are someone who innately cares for others and you want to make a positive difference, then a career in the care sector might be for you.

A Vocational Role

Job roles in the care sector are frequently some of the most challenging, while equally being some of the most rewarding. It's important to remember that a career in the care sector is not an option for everyone: some people simply aren't suited to it.

There may be difficult days, and you will need to remain calm even when under pressure. You will need to have empathy, resilience and be able to persevere when others might not. You need to genuinely care for the people you are looking after. 

For these reasons, a career in the care sector should be seen as a vocation. 

Some benefits to working in the care sector are:

  • no qualifications needed on entry
  • comprehensive training provided
  • nationally recognised qualifications can be gained 
  • flexible working hours
  • genuine career progression
  • making a positive difference to people's lives


Career Progression

There is genuine opportunity for career progression within the care sector. For a career-driven person, with commitement and dedication, the possibilities are numerous. 

The care sector is a rapidly growing sector, due to factors like advancements in medicine and care so younger disabled adults and the elderly are living longer.

Since you don't need any qualifications to begin a career in care, it is a fantasic way to enter into a worthwhile profession with plenty of opportunity to progress.  

For an idea of the career progression available at Encompass, view our infographic below. 



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