Hey! VINA - a Friendship App

 11th Mar 2016

Encompass have previously covered topics including the adverse side effects of loneliness and the power of assistive technology such as ‘Brain in Hand’ for people living with Autism.

Now, a new app called ‘Hey! VINA’ aims to utilise the connectivity of modern smartphones to provide users with the ability to find people they would otherwise never meet.

Friendship Focus

Whilst there are already a plethora of mobile and desktop apps which enable communication and matching between people, Hey! VINA is the first to focus solely on providing women with a better chance of finding friendship.

Loneliness can be a problem for people of all ages. With increasingly busy work schedules and a multitude of after-work responsibilities to cater for; it can often be hard to meet people outside of your immediate family and friendship groups.

This latest edition to the ever-growing app marketplace intends to provide women with the tools they need to meet like-minded people in order to make friends, network for potential business partners and anything else they desire.

How Does it Work?

Hey! VINA differentiates itself from other, arguably more superficial apps through the way in which it matches people. Many apps focus entirely on dating and forming intimate relationships, but Hey! VINA looks at connecting women intelligently through their individuality.

Users who download the app can take quizzes which aggregate information about their personality and interests to complete their online profile. This information is then used to find appropriate matches with the intention of their experiences being more fulfilling and longer-lasting.

A Connected World

Technology and real world relationships have been intertwined for many years now, with social media becoming an integral part of billions of people’s lives and the emergence of more tailored apps such as Hey! VINA may be able to truly help build relationships with substance.

The introduction of an app designed purely for friendship seems like a welcome addition in a marketplace seemingly flooded with products designed to provide users with instant solutions for romantic relationships.

With loneliness increasing the risk of mortality by a massive 26%, the need for fulfilling relationships has never been so important and, whilst there are many factors to consider when dealing with social isolation, new technology is making it increasingly easier to meet new people.

In today’s society, there is no longer a stigma associated with using phones and other devices as a means of connecting with new people. So, if you’re experiencing loneliness to any degree, apps such as Hey! VINA may be the perfect way to facilitate the growth of new and exciting relationships.

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