Lives Are Being Put At Risk Due To Mental Health Cuts

 3rd Dec 2015

A recent report issued by the King’s Fund think tank has discovered funding cuts to adult mental health services in England have caused the overall quality of care being provided to fall dramatically.

Despite the Government claiming there has been an overall increase in the available money for mental health, 40% of trusts stated they had experienced a reduction to their budget.

Unsatisfactory Service

The report showed 14% of patients claimed to have only received “satisfactory” care during a crisis and 40% stated their treatment was not correct and had not helped them to resolve their issue.

Patients are also often expected to travel to hospitals far from their home due to a shortage of hospital beds with no alternative available.

Budget cuts are forcing around 30% of trusts to either reduce staffing levels or lower the skills mix of its employees and 10% will be reducing the number of available beds.

Furthermore, a separate report conducted earlier this year by the NHS watchdog identified issues with the attitudes of staff towards patients suffering from mental illnesses, self-inflicted injury and suicidal thoughts.


The considerable decrease in available budget has caused trusts and other organisations to ultimately resort to cheaper, unproven methods in order to balance their books and remain self-sustaining.

This has naturally entailed a knock-on effect for people suffering from mental illnesses and the overall quality of the services provided has fallen in parallel with that of their funding.

To improve the current situation, the government must allocate the necessary finances to organisations providing support services to, most importantly, improve the lives of those in need as well as ensure no compromises are made at their expense.

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