Mental Health being promoted by 'Reach Out' Campaign

 24th Oct 2016

The idea of arranging a visit to discuss your mental health with a qualified specialist can seem incredibly daunting, especially if it’s a new experience for you.

However, a new campaign fronted by Time To Change Wales is working to encourage individuals to discuss their circumstances and commit to doing small things for friends in need, regardless of what background they may have.

Time To Change Wales

Originally founded in 2012, the Welsh group is striving to get members of the public to help friends and family living with mental health illnesses by taking time out of their day to carry out small acts of kindness.

Ryan Jones, programme manager at Time To Change Wales, states things such as going to the cinema, enjoying a coffee or even just having a chat with loved ones “can have a positive impact on their mental health and support their recovery”.

Named ‘Reach Out’, the campaign is fronted by four champions of varying ages and from different walks of life: Anya, Matt, Andy and Lisa.

Upon visiting their website, one of these champions may be instantly recognisable to some.

Speaking about what helps him deal with his depression, TV presenter Matt Johnson stated: “it’s usually free, it’s usually a conversation, it’s a tap on the back, it’s the acknowledgement of somebody, of somebody’s existence”.

The 33 year old ‘This Morning’ regular has been vocal about his personal struggles with depression, most notably following his split from Welsh presenter Alex Jones.

Johnson is passionate about the cause and believes initiatives such as this can be highly effective in alleviating one’s symptoms as well as preventing the condition from developing altogether.

Currently, 1 in 4 people suffer from some type of mental health condition each year, of which 90% of these encounter discrimination. The campaign is working hard to change this situation for the better.

Time To Change Wales’ work is being supported by a dedicated website and advertisement series as well as a social media campaign which is hoping to encourage individuals to share their personal stories with one another online.

Recently, popular social media platform Twitter was used by people around the world living with depression and other illnesses to discuss their thoughts through the hashtag #MyDepressionLooksLike.

Find out more about the Reach Out campaign by clicking here.

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