As part of our effort to continually review and improve upon our support service, we identified a real need to improve upon our recording processes.

Support notes, medications, support plans and risk assessments all must be kept up to date. Manually written notes are vulnerable to errors, being misplaced plus there is the inevitable duplication of work in having to type them up.

Whilst we have always had strict processes to safeguard against that happening, we’ve recognised that the risk exists.

We also identified a need and desire for our staff to spend more time with our service users, supporting them in acheiving their goals.

The solution came in the form of a system called Nourish.

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Nourish connects the circle of care at the touch of a button

CareHome People diagramNourish allows us to access support notes, record and update notes and create plans all in real time from both desktop and mobile devices.

We can also instantly back up vital data to a secure server and generate accurate and detailed reports on demand.

The real benefit, however, is that it frees up staff time. Whilst record keeping is a vital part of what we do, our people are at their best when working with individuals and supporting them to get what they want from life.

Nourish also has the capacity to allow the individual's support circle (with their permission) to review their progress. This is especially important when that support network is further afield as it gives them the reassurance they need.

By removing a manual process and streamlining the digital process, we have created a situation where recording requirements are met whilst freeing time to spend with the service users. This not only makes our teams happier but – and most importantly – the people we support happier too.

For more information on Nourish contact us or visit the website.

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