Financial or Material Abuse

Financial and material abuse relates to the theft, misappropriation or withholding of your possessions, property or finances. Although this section seems short, there are a number of different ways this abuse can happen.

Financial or material abuse includes:

  • theft

  • fraud

  • internet scamming

  • coercion in relation to an adult's financial affairs or arrangements, including in connection with wills, property, inheritance or financial transactions

  • the misuse or misappropriation of property, possessions or benefits 

Potential indicators of financial or material abuse

Although other factors can impact on an individual's finances the following is a list of possible indicators of financial abuse:

  • sudden inability to pay bills
  • sudden withdrawal of money from an account
  • person lacks belongings that they can clearly afford
  • lack of receptivity by the person’s relatives to necessary expenditure
  • power of attorney obtained when the person is unable to understand what they are signing
  • extraordinary interest by family members in the vulnerable person’s assets
  • recent change of deeds of the house or property
  • the main interest of the carer is financial with little regard for the health and welfare of the vulnerable adult
  • the person managing the vulnerable adults’ finances is evasive and unco-operative
  • reluctance to accept care services
  • purchase of items that individual does not require or use
  • personal items going missing
  • and/or unreasonable or inappropriate gifts.
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