Self Neglect

Self-neglect when an individual fails to maintain a base level of care for themselves, or is reasonably likely to cause serious physical, mental or emotional harm or substantial damage to or loss of assets through a lack of care.

Self-neglect can happen as a result of an individual's choice of lifestyle, or the person may:

  • experience mental health issues
  • have poor health
  • have cognitive (memory or decision making) problems, or
  • be physically unable to care for self.

Self-neglect includes:

  • Living in grossly unsanitary conditions
  • Suffering from an untreated illness, disease or injury
  • Suffering from malnutrition to such an extent that, without an intervention, the adult's physical or mental health is likely to be severely impaired.
  • Creating a hazardous situation that will likely cause serious physical harm to the adult or others or cause substantial damage to or loss of assets, and
  • Suffering from an illness, disease or injury that results in the adult dealing with his or her assets in a manner that is likely to cause substantial damage to or loss of the assets.
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