The Emergence Of Breakthrough Technology For People Living With Autism

 17th Nov 2015

It’s the year 2015 and the introduction of smartphones, tablets and mobile applications have sparked an almost 8 year long journey of technological innovation and internet accessibility.

Advances in software and hardware have enabled almost everyone to have access to at least one device which is connected to the internet and this, in turn, has provided us with a wealth of tools at our disposal for entertainment, education and work purposes.

Brain in Hand

The health care industry has also been subjected to the benefits of modern technology via new applications such as “Brain in Hand”. This app enables people living with autism to be placed in direct contact with a dedicated support worker to provide advice and assistance in their time of need.

Brain in Hand works around the fundamental traffic light feature, incorporating the use of red, green and yellow buttons to trigger different events. Pressing the green button indicates that the user is feeling safe in their current situation; yellow represents anxious feelings and the red button is used when help is needed.

Pressing the red button triggers a text alert to be sent to a predefined contact that the user has chosen who will then make contact by phone, text or email. This feature helps to instil a feeling of safety and security amongst those who use it as they know they are only one button press away from someone who can help.

In addition, the feature also benefits, the person’s friends/family that are normally the primary contact point as they are no longer required to be on constant call for their loved one and this enables them to continue with their work, social life and more.

Assistive Technologies

Other assistive technologies (AT) include biometric wristbands which take various different readings including the user’s heart rate, perspiration and temperature which are used to identify problematic scenarios and can potentially allow for reactive intervention when the individual is faced with a stressful situation.

The perpetually advancing nature of technology means that we can expect the future to facilitate increasingly advanced ways of administering care and support for people with autism and other mental health illnesses to holistically improve wellbeing.

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