UK Needs Migrant Workers to Cope With The "Crippling" Shortage of Care Workers

 11th Jan 2016

A recent report issued by two organisations, Independent Age and the International Longevity Centre-UK, predicts there will be a shortage of more than 1 million care workers in the UK by 2037.

This is due to an increase in both the population itself as well as the average life expectancy of people in the UK. Furthermore, it’s estimated the shortage may be as high as 200,000 by the next General Election (May 2020).

Around 20% of social care workers in the country were born outside of the UK, a figure which rises to 60% in London. Furthermore, 72% of all care workers are from outside of the EU. This is problematic as the Government’s current policy is highly restrictive to EU citizens entering the country, despite them composing the majority of our migrant workforce.

This issue has many negative implications for the UK as The Independent has already stated a funding crisis in the sector could cost the NHS billions of pounds by forcing elderly people out of their homes and into hospital beds.

A spokesperson from the Department of Health advises how the government is planning to alleviate the situation: “We have provided £3.2 billion in transfers from the NHS to social care to ease pressures and the National Living Wage will help attract workers to the sector”.

From the report, it is clear there needs to be drastic changes to the funding available for the organisations in the sector in order to both improve the quality of the services they provide and ensure those in need have easy access to local hospital beds with minimal waiting times.

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