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Are you Qualified to Work in Care?

Published on 25th Oct 2018
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Working in care can be a difficult and challenging career at times, yet it is also one which is completely rewarding and fulfilling at the same time. Naturally you will need to be a caring, sociable and compassionate individual to be an effective carer. But what else do you need?

What qualifications do you need to work in care? Specifically, in the role of a Support Worker.


Entry Requirements

For most careers in care, you don’t need to have letters after your name or an expensive degree to secure employment.  In fact, there are no specific qualifications you will need to have before you apply for many positions in the care sector. An employer will most likely look at your transferable skills and your previous employment history to gage whether you have the right qualities and work ethic to be a great support worker.

Full Training & Qualifications Provided

On the commencement of your employment you will be provided with an initial induction training which will usually last between one and two weeks. This training should be free for you to receive, and you will usually be paid while completing it.

But, your training doesn’t stop there! Once you’re in your designated workplace you continue to learn whilst you earn. The Care Certificate takes up to three months to complete. Once you have completed your training you should receive a nationally recognised Care Certificate, which will be your first qualification on your new career path. 

Once you have received your Care Certificate there will still be ongoing support and training available, as well as more experienced or senior staff to ask for help and advice should you need it.

Qualifications Which will Make you Stand out

Although qualifications are not a prerequisite to embark on a career in care, there are certain qualifications which could make your application stand out. These qualifications would include First Aid, Health and Social Care and even basic counselling certificates.

Health and Social Care Qualification

A qualification that would make your application stand out to employers is a qualification in Health and Social Care. There are many avenues to attaining a Health and Social Care qualification. It will allow you to take on more responsibility and require less supervision than starting your career without it, however most employers will still expect you to complete their mandatory induction and Care Certificate requirements.

Whilst this might seem like a big, daunting undertaking, employers are not expecting this level of knowledge from the outset. However, if you are still at school and you are looking at courses for college or sixth form following your GCSEs this could be something worth considering if you know you want to pursue a career the care sector.

If you are interested in a career in care why not have a look at Encompass’s current vacancies. There are many benefits to working with Encompass, for instance genuine career progression, fully paid training and free nationally recognised qualifications.