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Encompass gets Nourish(ed)

Published on 30th Jan 2017
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One of the greatest challenges facing any social care organisation  is keeping records up to date.

It’s a never ending challenge ensuring a person’s support notes, medications, support plans and risk assessments are kept up to date. Manually written notes are all well and good but if there’s a delay in getting those notes added to that individuals record mistakes could be made.Whilst we have always had strict processes to safeguard against that happening, we’ve recognised that the risk exists.

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Equally many of our team members expressed their frustration over the length of time demanded by paperwork, though they recognise the legislative requirements and how good planning and recording ensures consistency of support.

The answer was to migrate our record keeping onto a digital platform that not only made the process easier and less vulnerable to error, but also far more secure.

Over the last few months Encompass has been trialling a fantastic piece of software called Nourish at three of our locations, each with service users of differing needs to assess its robustness.

Using a secure app, Nourish allows us to access support notes, record and update notes and create plans all in real time.
We can also instantly back up vital data to a secure server and generate accurate and detailed reports on demand.

The real benefit, however, is that it frees up staff time. Whilst record keeping is a vital part of what we do, our people are at their best when working with individuals and supporting them to achieve their life goals.

Removing a manual process and streamlining the digital process, we have created a situation where recording requirements are met whilst freeing time to spend with the people we support. This not only makes our teams happier but – and most importantly – the people we support happier too.

The trial has been so successful, with feedback overwhelmingly positive, that the Board of Trustees took the decision to roll Nourish out across the Encompass service. 

Everyone at Encompass is incredibly excited about the software deployment and what this will mean for service provision across all our the Encompass locations.