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How Day Care Support Can Help Your Family

Published on 13th Apr 2016
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When considering the use of a care service provider, it is important to consider your options and find out which of the services on offer is most appropriate for either you or your loved one.

As an example, Day Care Support is a service available from many providers which can help both the person being cared for as well as their friends and family. Day care support can range from a few hours to a full day, all dependent on the person’s needs or desired outcomes.

What is Day Care Support?

Essentially, Day Care Support is a service which takes place in a non-residential facility with the aim of providing help to people in need whilst also allowing their usual carer to take a temporary break from their normal care schedule, equally it’s invaluable for people to build their independence and self esteem

Whilst Day Care Support is, in itself, an inherently non-residential option, Encompass also provide this to many of our residential service users who can benefit from this type of support.

Help is provided through the organisation of different activities including but not limited to:

  • Gardening
  • Computer skills
  • Cycling
  • Cooking
  • Socialising with existing and new friends
  • Access to employment
  • Attending clubs or groups that offer employment training

These activities help to keep the individual mentally stimulated and content, as well as providing education through the learning of new skills and the reinforcing of existing ones.

As many of the people we work with may have enduring mental health needs or behaviour that challenges services, it is important to ensure they are provided with day-to-day activities which can help to improve their quality of life, develop confidence and self esteem.

Furthermore, a dedicated care provider will have a team of highly trained staff who are specialists in working with people in need of support and will be able to make a real positive difference to anyone they support.

Day Care Support at Encompass is based predominantly on a social model in that the content of our services is comprised mainly of social and educational activities,

We work with the person and, where appropriate, their circle of support (ie family/friends, relevant professionals) and identify a bespoke programme of activities that work to what the person likes and wants to achieve.  This approach also determines the frequency and duration of sessions too.

Our Day Care Support is also beneficial to the friends and family of the person in need.

Many people who have a friend or family member living with a mental health condition or learning disability will often care for them on a regular basis and this can prove to be impactful on many parts of their life.

The use of Day Care Support is the perfect way to ensure your loved one remains in safe, caring hands whilst you continue with the rest of your life; whether it’s spending more time at work, catching up with other friends and family or simply taking some time out to rest.

Time apart can help to increase your motivation, reduce stress and develop the relationship you have with your loved one, which will ultimately help improve their wellbeing as a result.

Encompass provide a wide range of care and support services for people living with either an enduring mental health condition or a learning disability.