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News & Blog » How the Human Givens Model Is Crucial To Healthy Holistic Living

How the Human Givens Model Is Crucial To Healthy Holistic Living

Published on 5th Jan 2016
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The Human Given’s model showcases a collection of concepts which every person needs to live a fulfilling existence. Experiencing a decline in any one of the above sections can lead to anxiety, depression and other problems, and it is therefore crucial to approach the topic of health in a holistic manner.

The Human Givens is an all-encompassing health model which aims to cover all of the necessary aspects of life which we require to be “healthy”, including emotional and physical factors.

In this blog we will cover the “Innate Needs” and how these factors are crucial in developing improved well-being.


Security is important to prevent humans from experiencing fear or anxiety in a variety of different contexts. Understanding your home is safe and being able to trust your friends and family or the people that support you are examples of how this can be achieved.

Autonomy and Control

This section relates to the need for independence, as well as the ability to have control over your own life. Some disabilities can be detrimental to autonomy, but Encompass provide services which help reduce the impact. We see beyond the disability.


The vast majority of us seek acceptance by others to some extent and this helps us in feeling a sense of self-worth and also inspires confidence through being appreciated and valued.


Working in combination with the previous section, it is conversely important for us to spend time alone when needed in order to relax and contemplate on our own lives.

At Encompass, we take a positive approach to risk management, we recognise the benefits we all have from time alone, as well as from undertaking and achieving activities on our own.


The receiving and giving of attention is important for us all, as it helps to develop relationships with others, as well as providing a sense of importance amongst social circles.

Connection to a Wider Community

Like many species, we have grown accustomed to the concept of a community; therefore, we need to feel part of groups in which we can share our thoughts and feelings in confidence.


Intimacy can manifest itself in a variety of different forms, but this is one of the fundamental requirements as a human being.  Intimacy exists between friends, family, colleagues and partners and can be as simple as just laughing with friends.

Competence and Achievement

Being independent and self-reliant as well as having specific skills and talents to achieve our aims in life helps to maintain and develop self-esteem.

Meaning and Purpose

Looking beyond the immediate future and learning about new subjects is an inherent human characteristic and it is therefore important to live a life which can facilitates this.

At Encompass, we ensure our services embody the Human Givens approach at all times in order to maximise the support we can provide.