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Keep Doing what Works - Dealing with Anxiety

Published on 5th May 2016
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Anxiety affects a huge number of people in short, temporary periods as well as in more severe standalone mental health illnesses.

It can be challenging to deal with and there are often one or more underlying reasons for a person experiencing anxiety including low self-esteem, substance abuse, neglect during childhood and traumatic events.

Despite this, there are many techniques which can be adopted to help alleviate these feelings and, for some people; these can even lead to the complete removal of anxiety in certain situations of their life.

In this blog, we’ll be covering a way of thinking which can help you cope with these unsettling feelings and improve your quality of life as a result.

Sometimes referred to as ‘The Continuation Concept’, this essentially involves identifying the positive aspects of your life, including the people you enjoy seeing, the activities you find enjoyable and even simply the thoughts which make you happy.

For people living with serious anxiety disorders, the negative feelings associated with these illnesses can become underlying aspects of their life to the point where it becomes difficult to relate to anything positive.

However, simply taking time to try and clear your mind of any unnecessary inhibitions and immerse yourself in positivity can be very liberating in a mind which has been so overworked with detrimental ideas and unhealthy premonitions.

For instance, rejuvenating your passion for a particular hobby you used to have and placing more of your energy into this can help you forget about many of your negative thoughts and will give you more focus and self-worth.

If you believe your feelings are a result of loneliness, the breakdown of a relationship or other aspects relating to social anxiety and low self-confidence then prioritising your self-development should be at the top of your list.

In this example, catching up with friends you’ve lost touch with, getting in shape and developing your conversational skills will help immensely in finding yourself and leaving your negative past behind.

Finding a passion in life, especially one you can share with others, is an amazing feeling and activities such as forming a band, travelling or simply taking up a sport with a friend will give you drive and help create a more varied and fulfilling life.

Getting lost in anxious, self-deprecating thoughts can often make you lose sight of who you once were so even making small changes such as the clothes you wear, the places you go and the type of conversations you have can start to improve your happiness.

If you’re living with anxiety, it is important to remember the thoughts racing through your mind are simply unnecessary, illogical feelings and replacing these with positive ideas can genuinely lead to improvements in your wellbeing.

Many people experience anxiety as a progressive or developmental illness, meaning there was a time where it either did not exist or appeared only in a mild form.

Because of this, it is important to mindful of your past and actualise the truth that anxiety is an unnecessary part of your life which never used to be a problem.

Using the simple technique outlined in this blog along with making positive, reasoned changes in your life will help to install self-confidence, as well as work to reduce or even eliminate anxiety.

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