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The Personality of a Successful Support Worker

Published on 28th Aug 2018
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There’s no such thing a perfect personality, in fact, there’s not really such a thing as the perfect anything where people are concerned. We are all unique, and equally awesome in our uniqueness.

However, when it comes to the personality traits of a successful support worker, there are certainly some traits which will serve you well.

Transferable Skills

Transferrable skills are learnt skills, and sometimes personality traits, which will serve you well in almost any job. Sometimes referred to as soft skills, transferable skills are gained from jobs be it paid or voluntary, sports clubs, hobbies and school.

They are great skills to add to your CV as they can demonstrate how you would be suitable for a role, even if you have had no direct experience in the role before. Transferable skills help to demonstrate what kind of a person you are and how you might fit into the team. 

Often transferable skills and personality go hand-in-hand, as some of the skills are more innate than learned (but not always).

So, what kind of personality does a successful support worker have?



Some people are natural born communicators, for others it’s a harder to come by, and must be learnt (but importantly, it can be learnt). Communication is a vital skill for a successful support worker. Being able to explain something effectively to another person, especially if they have learning disabilities, is fundamental to the role. It’s worthwhile noting that this may not always involve verbal communication – it could be learning new ways of communicating with symbols, pictures or using communication apps on tablet and iPads.



Listening (and watching for body language) is another key trait to a being a successful support worker. Speaking is only half of the battle when it comes to communication; listening is the other half. We’ve probably all had an experience when we’ve tried to explain something to a person who hasn’t been listening, and found it frustrating or even upsetting. Being able to listen to someone and demonstrate you’ve heard them is a skill which will serve you well as a support worker.


Working well in a team will be a necessity for a successful support worker. Any job role in the care sector will require a considerable amount of teamwork. Picking up where someone else has left off will be something you can expect to do frequently, as well as fairly sharing jobs and balancing workload with your colleagues.

General Personality Traits

Compassion, empathy, honesty and trustworthiness are all positive personality traits which will suit you well as a support worker. All of these traits will help you work well in a team and help you connect with your colleagues and service users alike.

As well as these traits, you will also that find patience and kindness will make you a great support worker. The quality of patience is certainly something you will need, but it can be learned if necessary.

Being happy, upbeat and generally having a smile for your colleagues and service users will also serve you well.

If you think you have what it takes to make a successful support worker, or you think your transferable skills would suit the role of a support worker, view our current vacancies, or see what it’s like to work for Encompass.