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News & Blog » What Is Respite Care and How Can It Help You And Your Family?

What Is Respite Care and How Can It Help You And Your Family?

Published on 7th Jan 2016
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Whilst our primary aim is to provide outstanding care services for adults with learning disabilities and mental illnesses, sometimes the carers themselves require time off. To help with this, Encompass offer a dedicated respite service specifically for younger people and adults with learning disabilities, giving the carer the time they need, whilst ensuring their loved one is in a safe environment.

Respite Care involves temporarily relocating your loved ones into a dedicated location whereby they can receive specialist care from on of our excellent trained staff, allowing you to spend time with friends and family and catch up on the rest of your life.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that loved ones can continue to spend the majority of their time at home, with only a short-term break required. Carers can then use this time as they wish, allowing them to catch up on work, sleep and friends or simply just relax.

Respite also reduces the likelihood of needing to be moved into permanent residence as it helps carers to achieve a happy equilibrium between caring for their loved ones and continuing on with their own personal lives.

The ability to remain at home is a top priority amongst many families as it helps to maximise their independence. This type of care is the least intrusive to a person’s everyday life.

Having a planned, yet flexible schedule allows us to provide comprehensive assistance to your family member which is extremely important, especially in situations where one to one support is required.

In addition, for people living in West Dorset, taking advantage of this service will also allow you to continue attending your local day care sessions and other activities, minimising the disruption to your loved one’s routine.

Benefits For Carers

Respite care has been known to entail a number of other benefits for carers. Inter-family relationships (as well as those with friends and co-workers) often improve when there is more time available to spend with each other.

Furthermore, the relationship between the carer and the person they are caring for can sometimes be subject to tension when spending extended periods of time with each other.

Respite care helps alleviate this by providing time apart and allowing the family member to interact with a wider group of people including our specially trained staff members who have a wide range of skills and are dynamic and considerate in the way they work.