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What is a Domiciliary Community Support Worker?

Published on 22nd Apr 2018
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Many people are probably familiar with the general responsibilities of a support worker but a Domiciliary Community Support Worker is a more specific role which involves providing care and support services to people in a slightly different context.

Many of you would have heard of ‘domiciliary care’ and possibly think all domiciliary care involves quick visits of 15 minutes to people in their own home, however this is not the case and  in this article we set out what is expected of the Domiciliary Community Support Worker and what the role involves.

What does a Domiciliary Community Support Worker Do?

Unlike conventional support workers who are typically tasked with working in registered care homes, and other dedicated facilities, domiciliary community support workers spend the majority of their working day supporting people in the comfort of their own home or out and about in the local community.

Many of the people Encompass work with do not require residential housing but do need assistance with daily domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking, assistance with their personal care needs and/or support to get out and about.

This can be a result of many different factors, however, Encompass usually work with people who are in need of support due to having either an enduring mental health condition or learning disability.

Types of Support

Each of our service users are unique and have their own specific personalities, requirements and issues. Because of this, Domiciliary Community Support Workers need to be able to provide a wide range of high quality services whilst being sensitive and compassionate at all times.

Typical types of support include but are not limited to:

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Support and assistance with personal care such as washing and dressing
  • Support to get out and about, accessing chosen activities; accessing employment

The main objective of Encompass’s domiciliary support service is to maximise our service user’s independence and improve their overall quality of life by assisting them with daily activities which are proving to be challenging as a result of their individual circumstances.

Encompass staff (and the company itself) is regulated by the Care Quality Commission in order to monitor and improve the level of service we provide.

All staff are expected to adhere to the relevant guidelines and regulations not only to provide the best possible service to the people we support, but also to maintain the positive image which Encompass has established.

Therefore, domiciliary community support workers will be expected to maintain compliance with guidelines such as, individual support plans, risk assessments and individual outcomes, Encompass policies  as well as those outlined by the CQC and other governing bodies.

Our Service Users

As you’ll be working with a variety of different people on a daily basis, it is important to be aware of which conditions, disabilities and other challenges could be potentially affecting them.

This can include supporting people with:

  • Autism
  • Anxiety
  • People with learning disabilities with behaviours that may challenge services
  • Young people with learning disabilities moving through to adulthood (sometimes referred to as ‘transitional support’)
  • People with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • People with complex or enduring mental health conditions
  • Children with learning disabilities who require support at home or in the community.

These are just a selection of the different conditions which can be apparent and, as such, it is crucial to be able to plan and integrate bespoke care packages which are tailored to the exact needs of the individual.

All domiciliary community support workers will need to easily work both independently and as part of a team of managers and other care workers to allow for efficient problem solving, adherence to support plans and, ultimately, to provide service users with a more fulfilling and life-enhancing experience.

Prospective applicants must also be able to work excellently under pressure as they will be responsible for providing care and support to multiple service users throughout the month and will need to consistently arrive on time and complete work in a timely manner.

At Encompass we try to ensure staff are assigned to specific service users, with service users involved as much as possible in the choice of their support staff to ensure consistent support.  Also a full clean driving licence is required.

Encompass also ensures all support workers are given the necessary time needed to provide high quality care and will never impose unrealistic timeframes to ensure satisfaction for both the people we support and our staff.