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Why You Should Consider Day Care Support

Published on 22nd May 2018
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Living with any kind of challenge – be it mental health, a physical or learning disability – presents issues that simply aren’t a worry for individuals without them.

Employment, socialising or nipping to the shops for a pint of milk are all things the vast majority of us take for granted. But why wouldn’t we? We are highly adaptable creatures so it’s very easy for us to become oblivious to just how good we’ve got it.

At least, until it’s gone.

For individuals with challenges, these things can be difficult or seemingly impossible without support.


Social interactions can be particularly difficult and isolation is an increasingly common problem particularly amongst those who are unable to travel independently.

Without support they are unable to interact with others. But this is only half of the problem because there needs to be places or organised activities appropriate to their challenges to attend in the first place.

Stepping Out

Regardless of an individual’s challenges, the most important thing is to first establish exactly what they want to get out of a social event or an organised activity.

Physical limitations shouldn’t be a consideration as there are provisions that allow even people with severe physical impairments to enjoy activates like horse riding – for example.

However, if the individual doesn’t like horses nor has an interest in outdoor activities then it shouldn’t even be a consideration.

Of course there isn’t necessarily an activity available for every taste but it’s important to try to identify groups, clubs or organisations that can accommodate.

Although an art class or a board game club should have little trouble accommodating someone with learning disabilities or mental health issues: consider the kind of additional support that may be needed if the individual’s challenges are severe and what additional support may be required.

The emphasis must be both on the individual’s personal preferences as well as their objectives. Part of this can be encouraging the individual to try activities they hadn’t previously considered.

This can be a challenge on its own – particularly if the individual struggles with anxiety or depression – so approaching any such suggestion in the right way is important.

What Matters Most

Day care support, like the service we offer, allows the individual to decide exactly what they want to do and what they want to achieve from their chosen activity.

We work with you to identify what matters most to you, what you want to achieve and do everything we can to make it happen.

We provide a day support service that reflects your desires and your interests whether that’s conservation work, education or even working towards employment.

However the support doesn’t always have to be about the big picture or be a loftier goal than ‘to have fun’.

Fun is a vital part of a fulfilled life.

We believe that maintaining contact with existing friends, as well as creating new ones is an important part of life no matter the individual’s challenges and – where needed – we make maintaining relationships an important part of the individual’s support plan.

Personal Budget

If you have a personal budget then you have the option to employ a personal assistant.

We will work with you to find someone who is both ideally suited to help you achieve your goals and shares common interests. We believe that you’re at your best when you feel at your most comfortable so a personal assistant who is the right fit for you will allow you to feel supported.

Chances are if you feel supported you’ll feel far more capable of engaging with activities, trying new things and maybe even working towards changing some of the bigger aspects of your life.

Essentially if you can trust in your personal assistant if gives you the ability to trust in other decisions you make as a result.

After all, effecting changes starts with a single step.