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Why you should Consider a Career in Care

Published on 13th Jun 2018
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One thing that makes humanity so remarkable is its capacity for empathy and compassion.

If you watch the nightly news or follow any of the main media outlets on Facebook it may be difficult to get that impression but it’s entirely true.

If it wasn’t, the bad things that happen in the world wouldn’t be news, it would be the norm.

We naturally care for others that extend well beyond our family and immediate circle of friends.

The out-pouring of help for victims at any terrible act of terrorism has always dwarfed any feelings of fear the perpetrators hoped to elicit.

When the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon in 2013 people ran towards the danger to help. They had no idea what they were running into or if more bombs would go off but they felt an overwhelming instinct to help.

It’s the same reason we donate millions of pounds to charities like Comic Relief or Children in Need year after year. We give because we care.

Caring for a Living

It takes a special kind of someone to choose a career in care, although – we make no bones about it – it’s not for everyone.

Like nursing, the desire to care for others comes from a deeper place than simply wanting an enjoyable job. It’s an emotional drive to make life better for others.

And it’s hard.

But it’s also hugely rewarding.


Those who are constantly thinking of ways to empower, support or otherwise help their friends, family or colleagues may have missed their true calling.

What better role could there be than an instrument of change for individuals with on-going challenges in life. What better reward than seeing those same individuals reaching their goals and lead a happy, fulfilled life?

A career in care isn’t for everyone and we think those people are missing out.

An Instrument of Change

We, like many other support services operate a person-centred approach which – at its core – is exactly what it sounds like.

We put the individual at the heart of their support. We build a plan around what they want to achieve in life, their passions and interests as well as working towards short and medium term goals, be that education or independent living.

We make sure they have access to all of the professional advice and help they may want but balance this with the individual’s personal choices.

Much in the same way that someone without challenges doesn’t have to accept help, those with challenges must be extended the same right.

We may not agree with it but just because an individual has a learning disability or a mental health issue doesn’t mean they should have fewer rights or fewer freedoms than anyone else.

In fact we actively work to challenge that thinking.

Join the Cause

If you’re like us and get up every morning with a desire to help others and you believe – like us – that lasting change comes through empowerment then you have found the right career path.

We believe that we are all equal. The people we support simply have a different set of challenges and they just need a little help.

We believe that anyone, given the right tools and the right encouragement, can achieve anything they set their minds to. And we believe in doing everything we can to see those outcomes met.

If you’re like us and believe what we believe then you’re about to embark on the best job of your life.

Of course, belief only gets you so far.

That’s why we give you comprehensive training including health & safety and a nationally recognised care certification. We also offer career progression and competitive pay.