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Your Career Path in the Care Sector

Published on 8th Nov 2018
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Choosing a career in the care sector is something which could change your life for the better; it can be very rewarding. Job satisfaction is high and contrary to popular belief there are great opportunities for career progression.

So, what might be a typical career path in the care sector?


Career Paths

The are many paths of career progression in the care sector, and depending on how determined you are, you could rise all the way to the top – from a support worker to management. It is possible.

Further learning is always helpful to you, and career progression can depend on how committed you are to furthering your knowledge and achieving more qualifications. Despite this, no qualifications are needed to begin a career in care. Just a desire to care for other people, and to want to make a difference.

A typical career path in the care sector, specifically with an employer like Encompass, might see you start as an entry level Support Worker. You can begin this job with no training and no previous experience, just the right qualities and some key transferable skills. From here you could progress to a Senior Support Worker and up to a Team Leader or Scheme Manager.

See our Career Progression graphic below to help illustrate the different career paths within the different settings we have at Encompass.


However, we are all aware that life rarely ever deals us a ‘typical’ scenario and of course there would opportunities to jump up two levels, or move across and up in a different team. So, although we are talking about ‘typical’ career progression, typical isn’t always the case, and that’s okay too.

Career Progression is one great reason to choose a career in the care sector, but there are many other great reasons too. Not least of all the people you will be supporting and your colleagues. However, below are some other reasons why working in care is a career you should consider.


Care work offers such a variety that moving around in the industry is something which can be done until you find your perfect setting. With care settings ranging from residential homes, hospitals, day care centres, hospitals, and even in people’s own homes, you will find your perfect setting to work in.


Working in care means that you will support people to maintain their independence, dignity and control over their own lives. You will also find that you are supported by your colleagues and management team alike, which makes working in care one of the most rewarding job settings around.

Every day is different and brings with it its own challenges, but equally you get to make a big difference to people’s lives.


The care sector is rapidly growing and as a result it offers good job security, with more roles are being frequently created. In fact, it is estimated that by 2030, and additional 500,000 new jobs will need to be created to meet the growing needs of the population.[i]

Working for Encompass

At Encompass, we are always looking for new and talented individuals to join our growing team. Like many other care providers, we offer competitive rates of pay and excellent opportunities for career progression. We offer comprehensive training which is completed with a nationally recognised certificate of achievement.

View our current organisational structure which outlines our current job roles and the hierarchy within Encompass. Our career progression chart above outlines typical routes of progression through our company. In all of Encompass’s care settings, Support Workers are a fundamental necessity and an excellent route into the company. From the role of support worker, your career could progress up to a management role, which could then take you even further within Encompass.

Your commitment, drive, enthusiasm and determination will make all the difference when it comes to progressing your career. Just like in any job, rarely are you rewarded for doing the minimum amount required. With Encompass, if you can demonstrate your commitment to proceed you could go far.

We have been supporting individuals with learning disabilities and enduring mental health issues for over 25 years, by offering person-centred, specialist care. We are a well-established charity with our services being solely in West and North Dorset.


[i] Stonegridge Careers Training, Career Development within Health and Social Care: https://www.careerstraining.co.uk/blog/career-development-within-health-and-social-care/