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COVID-19 Statement

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to progress, we would like to share with you the proactive measures Encompass have taken to ensure the continuity of the services and the safety of our service users.

We have been following all Government and Department of Health advice and guidance and meet daily as a team to discuss the continuation of our high quality service. We are confident as a charity and care provider that we have all the skills required to limit the spread of infection, ensure people have a robust staff team available to them and to keep them safe from harm in these challenging circumstances.

We have now activated our business continuity plan which covers health, containment of the virus, planning, preparation, service delivery, safeguarding our service users and communication.

This plan looks to keep our service users and staff safe, assist with the government's plan, and ensure that all employees can continue to work safely with no degradation of the service we provide the event of any government instructed lockdown.

We can share that:

  • Grove House is now closed and head office staff are now working remotely to support the governance and guidance of our services.
  • Our infection prevention control lead and sites manager are co-ordinating the distribution of up to date daily guidance for prevention and containment and are supporting each service area with stocks of PPE.
  • Our Safeguarding, MCA and CQC leads are working closely with all agencies to ensure our response to safeguarding alerts, mental capacity assessments and decisions and temporary changes to restrictions are effectively delivered and managed.
  • Our service management and senior management teams are working directly with our CEO and Board of Trustees to respond proportionately and effectively at each stage.
  • Our service managers and team leaders are working with our service users and circles of support to assess the impact on support delivery where staffing is reduced.
  • Our team leaders, senior support workers and support workers continue to facilitate family contact and reassurances whilst reducing the risk of infection.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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