Following the publishing of a recent report, new figures have suggested males are less likely to seek support for mental health issues than their female peers.

A survey commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorates found women in Scotland aged between 16 and 24 had a “significantly lower” quality of mental health

A new campaign fronted by Time To Change Wales is working to encourage individuals to discuss their circumstances and commit to doing small things for friends in need, regardless of what background they may have.

We would like to introduce and welcome our new Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Chris Kennedy.

When you see the name Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen, most people will begin conjure ideas of his extensive music career, rock star lifestyle and lengthy live shows. However, few people will associate the 66 year old musician with another important aspect of his life, namely, his personal struggle with depression.

Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK. Back in 1989, around 3% of the population were categorised as being vegetarian but this statistic has now jumped significantly to 5.7% - equating to just over 3.5 million people at the time of writing.

Social media has now empowered people of all ages to confide in one another and discuss aspects of their lives which are viewed as taboo in the majority of situations.

Wirral, a small town in northern England, has hosted an entire week of events dedicated to helping people living with learning disabilities

Something as simple as laughing may provide a number of powerful biological and cognitive benefits to people living with depression, anxiety disorders and other mental health issues.

Issues such as suicide, self-harm and substance abuse are permeating through many prisons in the UK and have even gone so far as to cause unrest within Wormwood Scrubs.

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