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The Welbeing Survey

Published on Aug 2021

This survey was delivered to help Encompass management, to understand how staff are feeling, how they are coping in these exceptional times and how we, as a Company, provide our staff with the leadership, skills, knowledge, support, empathy and resilience to carry out their professional duties in a safe, rewarding and flexible way whilst maintaining a good life/work balance and staff wellbeing.

On the whole, staff appear to have remained largely resilient despite the added pressures in these unprecedented times, which have contributed to stress, fatigue and a lowering of mood as reported by some staff.  Staff appear to appreciate the support they receive from their managers who regularly check on how they are.  Most staff know how to raise concerns at work. Throughout the survey there was a definite trend towards being positive.

Only 10% of the contributors felt that they were failing and losing patience.

Just over 70% of the contributors refuted that that they felt negative, reinforcing that despite the pressures of the pandemic there was still a lot of positivity in the company.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in this Staff Wellbeing Survey and I look forward to our next survey being completed by all our staff and showing further progress, with or without Covid.


Hettie Harrower

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead