Why do we see working with children as being so rewarding? Probably because children learn and develop every day – caring for a child effectively can make their future brighter and their life better.

But, it’s just the same with adult care.

Historically, within care settings, it was expected that people receiving care should fit into a care plan designed for them, without any input into it themselves.

Person-centred support, or care, moves away from this method.

Transferable skills are basic skills which can be applied to a wide range of different jobs. These skills and abilities are developed over time, through experiences in a range of different settings. If you think you haven't got any transferable skills, think again. Read on to discover what transferable skills you have! 

One thing that makes humanity so remarkable is its capacity for empathy and compassion. We naturally care for others that extend well beyond our family and immediate circle of friends. However, some have more of a natural inclination towards caring than others.

Rawleigh House Registered Care Home for adults with learning disabilities in Sherborne is on the look out for volunteers on Saturday 16 June 2018.

The home is creating a sensory garden which will really benefit the people who live at Rawleigh House.  Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Living with any kind of challenge – be it mental health, a physical or learning disability – presents issues that simply aren’t a worry for individuals without them. But for individuals with challenges, things like day-to-day tasks, socialising and employment can be difficult or seemingly impossible without support.

Roughly 40,000 people in the UK have Down’s syndrome and around 750 babies are born with the condition each year.
Classified as a learning disability, Down’s syndrome can bring with it some developmental challenges, but with correct support these can be overcome.

In April 2013 a new benefit called the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) was introduced. It was designed to gradually replace the existing Disability Living Allowance (DLA). However, the transition to the new benefit was not as smooth for everyone as it should have been, and in some cases PIP has caused considerable distress. 

Like it or not sex is part of our everyday lives and societal changes have made it more prominent than ever before.

Individuals are freer to live their lives in a manner that suits them and with it are free to explore sexuality and sexual experiences in a way that that would have past generations clutching at their pearls.

We have the luxury of enjoying our sexual sides in more or less anyway of our choosing – be that in a long term relationship or as a friend with benefits – unless, it seems you have learning disabilities.

Living with a mental health issue is a challenge. While the rest of the world carries on like business as usual the individual can be wrestling with feelings of loneliness, low self-worth, severe anxiety or a host of other feelings specific to their issues.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can make it easy for those with mental health issues to feel forgotten about. But what if you’re a child or young person in an environment where everyone around you seems to be perfectly happy, engaging with their schooling or their friends?

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