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Nine Reasons To Work In The Care Sector

Are you looking for a new career? Have you thought about a career in the care sector? 

The care sector is rapidly growing so there is demand for great carers and support workers.

But if you're still not sure it's for you, here are nine reasons to seek employment in the care sector.  

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The Personality of a Successful Support Worker

There’s no such thing a perfect personality, in fact, there’s not really such a thing as the perfect anything where people are concerned. We are all unique, and equally awesome in our uniqueness.

However, when it comes to the personality traits of a successful support worker, there are certainly some traits which will serve you well.

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Working in Care - Mythbusters

The aim of this blog is to dispel those common myths and mental roadblocks, that are preventing you from applying for what might be your dream job!

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What Does a Support Worker Do?

You may have heard the term support worker in relation to a job role, but you’d be forgiven if you didn’t know exactly what it meant.

Find out what being a support worker involves. 

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Why Working with Adults is Just as Rewarding as Working with Children

Why do we see working with children as being so rewarding? Probably because children learn and develop every day – caring for a child effectively can make their future brighter and their life better.

But, it’s just the same with adult care.

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What is Person-Centred Support?

Historically, within care settings, it was expected that people receiving care should fit into a care plan designed for them, without any input into it themselves.

Person-centred support, or care, moves away from this method.

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Do You Have Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills are basic skills which can be applied to a wide range of different jobs. These skills and abilities are developed over time, through experiences in a range of different settings. If you think you haven't got any transferable skills, think again. Read on to discover what transferable skills you have! 

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Why you should Consider a Career in Care

One thing that makes humanity so remarkable is its capacity for empathy and compassion. We naturally care for others that extend well beyond our family and immediate circle of friends. However, some have more of a natural inclination towards caring than others.

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Why You Should Consider Day Care Support

Living with any kind of challenge – be it mental health, a physical or learning disability – presents issues that simply aren’t a worry for individuals without them. But for individuals with challenges, things like day-to-day tasks, socialising and employment can be difficult or seemingly impossible without support.

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