‘Residential Care’ allows a person to stay in a dedicated home which is registered with the Care Quality Commission where they are provided with professional support, usually over extended periods of time.

In this blog, we’ll be covering a way of thinking which can help you cope with the unsettling feelings of anxiety and improve your quality of life as a result.

Dyslexia is a disorder which encompasses a broad number of difficulties relating to a person’s ability to learn new skills.

Sandhills Registered Care Home have successfully maintained 'green' status on our internal risk register for two years running! No mean feat

Congratulations are in order for more Encompass team members who have been successful in completing their Care Certificate. The Care Certificate is a set of standards that social care and health workers apply in their daily working life.

Many people are probably familiar with the general responsibilities of a support worker but a Domiciliary Community Support Worker is a more specific role which involves providing care and support services to people in a slightly different context.

In this blog post, we will be covering a number of key ways in which the NHS can improve its provision of care for people suffering form mental health illnesses.

Day Care Support is a service available from many providers which can help both the person being cared for as well as their friends and family.

As we’ve previously covered; depression is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the world, affecting as much as 20% of the population. But what actually causes it?

As many as 450 million people are currently affected by mental health issues across the world and there are more than 200 officially recognised conditions which can be encountered.

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