Despite affecting over 700,000 people in the UK alone, many people are unaware of the characteristics and symptoms of Autism.

In this post we will be shedding light on a selection of common learning disabilities and how they affect people.

Here are our top 6 tips for dealing with episodes of anxiety:

Schizophrenia is often portrayed as a dangerous mental illness whose sufferers pose a threat to the people around them. Many people also view the condition as being tied to split personalities but, in reality, none of this information is accurate.

Some people with learning difficulties or mental illnesses require 24/7 care, however, not everyone requires around the clock support. Everyone is different and we all have specific needs, therefore Encompass Dorset offer clients bespoke Supported Living services to adults of all ages

Encompass offer a dedicated respite service specifically for younger people and adults with learning disabilities, giving the carer the time they need, whilst ensuring their loved one is in a safe environment.

The Human Given’s model showcases a collection of concepts which every person needs to live a fulfilling existence. In this blog we will cover the “Innate Needs” and how these factors are crucial in developing improved well-being.

Here are five of the ways in which Encompass help hundreds of people everyday.

Sandhills has recently attained 'Good' status with the CQC with no requirements or recommendations.

We're delighted to recognise the efforts of the team at 193 St Andrews Road, Bridport in achieving 12 months at green status on our Risk Register

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