New research undergone in Sweden has concluded there is a strong link between paternal depression and premature child birth, otherwise known as ‘preterm birth’

Many people may believe dementia to be a mental health disease itself; however, it is actually a categorisation of a number of different symptoms pertaining to damage within the brain

A study conducted by researchers at the Group Health Research Institute has discovered that an alternative type of mindfulness therapy called mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) has the potential to alleviate back pain.

In Australia, it is estimated that lost productivity caused from mental health issues costs the country a massive $11 billion (AUD) every year.

A study has been conducted which suggests there is a link between weight loss in middle aged people and the risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

Although an arguably small step forward for a sector which has faced much neglect over years, the announcement of increased budgets for mental health care in England comes as welcome news to everyone involved

As a result of tightening budgets and an ever increasing population, people in need of support are being subjected to longer waiting times, shorter care visits and other unfortunate results of obligatory compromising.

Budget cuts will always entail detrimental consequences for any industry they are placed on, but the effects of tightened finances have had particularly negative repercussions on mental health care services.

Many vulnerable people are being allocated just 15 minutes per carer visit from the vast majority of council-run schemes – a far cry from the 30 minute appointment time recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

A series of findings have discovered children and teenagers who regularly use antidepressants are at higher risk of attempting suicide.

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