Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a specific form of psychiatric disorder encompassing a number of symptoms which affect a person’s behaviour.

It’s easy to assume drinking too much only presents us with biological problems but there are also a number of mental health side effects which can occur as a result of over-consumption

These five tips can help you to reduce stress in the workplace and, ultimately, enjoy your job that much more.

Bipolar is a specific and extremely prevalent type of mental health disorder which affects an estimated 51 million people worldwide. So what does it feel like?

Here are some important statistics on three of the most widely known mental health conditions

Mental health illnesses and learning disabilities are two types of conditions which can have profound effects on a person’s life; however, there are some distinct differences between the two

Over 700,000 people are currently living with some form of autism in the UK alone, making it an incredibly widespread issue and one which needs to be understood.

For people living with mental health issues, speaking with others is also essential in order to further understand the situation and identify ways to improve their wellbeing

The majority of illicit substances are known to cause a range of detrimental side effects and these have the potential to be incredibly damaging to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Affecting as much as one fifth of the population at any one time, depression is a huge issue in the UK and one of the most prevalent mental health conditions in the modern day.

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