Keeping Safe

Your overall wellbeing is our paramount concern. It’s why we do what we do. As such we want to make sure that you are safe and secure as well as happy.

There are a number of we do or that we may ask you do to in an effort to maintain your safety:

  • We have a fire alarm system in the home with smoke/fire detectors in all rooms, which are tested every week.  We also have regular fire drills and we would ask that you join in with these.
  • Please let us know when you leave the building and return.
  • We always welcome your visitors, but ask if possible, they tell staff when they arrive and leave and sign our visitor’s book, this is for their safety as well as fellow residents.
  • We also want you, as a person, to feel safe in your home and want you to tell us if anyone behaves towards you in a way that upsets you or makes you feel bad.  This could be:
    • Being shouted at or spoken to unkindly in any way
    • Being threatened and made to feel afraid
    • Being treated roughly or being hurt in any way
    • Being made to feel left out or unimportant
    • Being touched in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable
    • Having your things used or taken without you saying it’s okay
    • Being refused help when you need it
    • Not being listened to when you have something important to say
    • Being refused something you want or need without good reason, such as tablets, drink, food or an outing
    • Being forced to do something that makes you feel frightened or upset

You can go to our Contact Us page or our Complaints Guide page for how to tell us about something, or you can also contact the following:

Gillian Lacey

Encompass (Dorset)
Connaught House
22 Cornwall Road

Tel/Fax: 01305 267483

Adult Access Team

PO Box 7184

Tel: 01305 221016

Out of Hours: 01202 657279

Dorset Supporting People

County Hall
Colliton Park

Tel: 01305 251000

Dorset Social Services

County Hall
Colliton Park

Tel: 01305 251000

Encompass (Dorset) train all their staff in the MAPA approach to the safe management of behaviour in an emergency situation, which is a CPI specialised method.

For more information:
Tel: 0161 929 9777
Or visit:

Encompass Dorset
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