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Coach House, Weymouth

The Coach House provides an ideal step for those requiring mental health care, but who would eventually like to live alone. Staff are on hand at certain times to provide verbal support and advice with day-to-day issues. 

Situated in a quiet residential community, near a small high street and a short distance from Weymouth town centre and the picturesque coastline, the Coach House comprises of two flats which can accommodate up to two people each. The residents of the Coach House are fully involved in the running of their flat.

Located a short distance from Elsadene, the Coach House provides people with enduring mental health needs with the opportunity to live with independence, while still having easy access to valuable support which is provided by an excellent team of experienced staff. 

Services Provided

Where We Are:

  • Located in Weymouth
  • Communal garden
  • The beach is within walking distance
  • Walking distance to town centre and other local amenities


Marianne Anderson

Home/Scheme Manager

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