Respite Care

There comes a time when we all need a break: a change of pace or just a change of scenery. In the gardenThere’s nothing wrong with it, it’s perfectly normal and it’s actually quite healthy.

Recognising that you or your family member is in need of respite can make all the difference to an individual’s progress just as not can have long lasting setbacks.

We recognise this so in Dorchester, we have a respite service which provides short breaks to support adults living with learning disabilities.


Encombe is open all year round and is ideally suited for people who also have physical disabilities. The service can support up to 8 people at a time, including a self-contained flat for individuals who benefit from one-to-one support in a quieter environment.

The service is available on a planned but flexible basis. The reason it has to be planned is to ensure that individual needs can be catered for, particularly if a person requires one-to-one support.

The service allows the person to continue to attend their local day care or other activities if they live in West Dorset.

If you live in Dorset, you may be entitled to funding and should speak to your Care Manager as the home can be accessed by Dorset County Council and the NHS. Encombe also welcomes enquiries from outside Dorset and from people with personal budgets.

Encombe is in a good location close to the town centre and the team are very experienced in supporting people on an individual basis.

The Encombe team work hard to make your break as individual as you are either by making sure you follow routines if this is important to you, supporting you with a varied activity plan or simply relaxing and enjoying some ‘me’ time.

The team will get to know you before your visit and help you plan your stay.

Find out how Encompass can help you or a loved one by getting in touch with a member of the team.

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