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Mental Health Care

Living with an enduring mental health issue is a challenge that few people can relate to. A diagnosis does little to quantify just how difficult performing day-to-day tasks can be.

Something as mundane as a walk to the shops can be almost crippling for someone with severe anxiety, whereas severe depression can make something as basic as feeding oneself a struggle.

Our team of qualified staff understand the complexities and nuances of these challenging conditions and work with you to overcome barriers and lead fulfilling lives.

Encompass offers two facilities, both with dedicated and experienced teams who provide support for people with enduring mental health needs.

Support is fully assessed and planned with your involvement and regularly reviewed to make sure your needs are being met.

Meeting Your Needs

There are a number of things we believe help in meeting your needs on your path to recovery:

  • A safe, secure, positive environment
  • Respect for your privacy and dignity
  • Helping you to feel good about yourself
  • Accepting you as an individual, not discriminating against you in any way
  • Supporting you to manage situations/behaviours that could put you or others at risk
  • Support to help you develop and maintain social relationships
  • Support and training to help you develop skills in personal care and activities of daily living
  • Involving you in goal setting, support planning and reviews
  • Support to help you develop ways of coping with situations that may cause you to feel distressed or unwell
  • Providing you with opportunities to improve your health and lifestyle
  • Assistance and support with those needs which you are unable to meet independently
  • Providing you with support to access primary and secondary healthcare
  • Providing you with opportunities to develop hobbies, access activities you enjoy or want to try, supporting you to enjoy days out and holidays
  • Supporting you to develop skills and find ways to make you feel valued as a person.

Get in touch with the Encompass team to find out we can help you or a loved one.

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