Support Standards

There are 11 Reach Standards and they concern:

  • CHOICE ­ - you choosing what you want to happen in your life
  • LISTENING ­ - we will hear what you say and what you want to happen in your life
  • SUPPORT ­ - we will help you to achieve the things you want to happen in your life

Standard 1 - I choose who I live with

Standard 2 - I choose where I live

Standard 3 - I have my own home

Standard 4 - I choose how I am supported

Standard 5 - I choose who supports me

Standard 6 - I get good support

Standard 7 - I choose my friends and relationships

Standard 8 - I choose how to be healthy and safe

Standard 9 - I choose how to take part in my community

Standard 10 ­ - I have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens

Standard 11 ­ - I get help to make changes in my life

We will:

  • assist you to write your own support plan, making things clear for all who support you and clarifying just how they might help 
  • listen to what you say, how you feel about things and how you would like your life to be
  • always check that you are happy with what we are doing or if anything needs changing


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