Training Provided to Encompass Care Employees

Training is a continual process which consists of classroom based sessions, informal in-house sessions and bespoke sessions, all with experienced trainers.

The journey starts for new employees with an induction to the company and the expectations we have of a new employee. We follow the Care Certificate Programme as per Skills for Care. This is a portable certificate consisting of 15 different units including Adult Basic Life Support, Safeguarding, Mental Capacity Act, Moving & Positioning and more. It is expected this will take three months to complete.

Once in the workplace, the employee will shadow a more experienced colleague to gain confidence/competence and to complete the practical elements of the Care Certificate. This will include Fire Evacuation training using any specialist equipment provided, as well as a Food Hygiene certification to support people in preparing their meals and keeping healthy and safe.

The next part of the journey depends on the specialism of your workplace. All staff will undertake a two day MAPA Foundation course; extra modules are required if you work in certain specified environments.

You will be administering medication in most support settings. This training starts as part of the induction with practical and further theoretical elements taking place in the workplace. 

Epilepsy Awareness is available for staff members who work with people who live with Epilepsy and may have to manage seizures.

Once you have completed a year with Encompass Care you will need to undertake regular training updates. They include:

  • Moving and Positioning
  • Combined Training, consisting of two sessions: the first is ABLS/care of the choking adult/burns; the second session varies - Safeguarding Adults or an MCA update and a topical issue, such as Equality & Diversity
  • MAPA is updated annually for the majority of staff
  • Epilepsy Awareness/Administration of Emergency Medication is updated two-yearly as recommended by the Joint Epilepsy Council

Other bespoke sessions include Bed Rail training, the use of Wheelchair Safety systems in vehicles, the Mental Health Act, Dementia and End of Life.

Emergency First Aid at Work training can also be offered where required. This and the MAPA are both externally validated.

Training Available to External Organisations

We are able to offer the following training to outside employers. All training is delivered by trainers who hold both occupational and teaching qualifications.

First Aid Training

This includes:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)
  • Defibrillation and CPR
  • Recommended annual updates for FAW/EFAW

All of the above are regulated by Ofqual; the awarding body is First Aid Awards (FAA).

Please enquire as to whether we can deliver Epilepsy Awareness and Care Certificate/Induction to Social Care.